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Kamehameha Schools Children's Chorus - He Mele No Lilo
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Okay… That’s it… I think I’m going to set this as my alarm on my phone so I can feel like I’m waking up in heaven on a daily basis.

There’s just something about children’s choirs.

There’s just something about this song

Okay, let me tell you a thing about this song. My mother is a nurse in the NICU with small premature babies. and she had one baby that was born addicted to 5 different drugs. Needless to say, the poor baby had to suffer through intense withdrawals, and my mom discovered that this song was incredibly soothing for the baby while he went through all of his pain. She would play this during his rougher patches, and it would calm him down. So yes, there is something about this song. 

Fun facts!

This song is a mele (soft, metered song with music) in contrast to an oli (a chant), and translated, it’s a song actually for Chief Kalakaua and Cheifess Lili’ulani. It tells of the beautiful scenery of all the islands, and specifically, a beautiful blooming flower that withstands the summits of each significant peak of Hawaii (including Mauna Kea!). 
If you contrast the words mele and oli, you will hear them (say them outloud!) how soft, and harsh they are respectively. This mele is comprised of mostly soft, flowing words (save for the name of the mountains!) and the combination of those beautiful words used to name beautiful things and the Children’s Chorus is probably what it is.

Peace(fulness) transcends language.

In America, there are numerous different accents (Southern, New Yorker, Midwestern, Californian etc.) even though everybody is still speaking English. Is it like that with other languages? Are there different kinds of accents in other languages?


Of course! People from South America can largely tell what country (or part of a country) someone is from by the accent of their Spanish. Every language has different accents…it would be interesting to know which language has the /most/ accents though.

Accents can form two different ways…first, by simple isolation. All languages constantly change, and given time, places that are more culturally cohesive or isolated will change in different ways from each other. This is what happened in the American south, for example. It’s also how the “American” accent drifted apart from the “English” accent.

On the other hand, some accents are holdovers from when people actually spoke different languages (like the way that French people have a “French” accent when they speak English.) These accents persist long after the local population has (for the most part) stopped speaking that language. This is the case for the “Irish” accent, for example, or the ‘Minnesota’ accent (Norwegian, Swedish, and German roots.) Of course, people still speak Irish in Ireland and even Norwegian in Minnesota, but for the most part, we consider these just another “accent” of English while forgetting that they have roots in other languages.

I’d be curious to know which language has the most recognizable accents to native speakers…probably English or Spanish, just because they’re very widely spoken, but I dunno!

Well, Denmark is a country with about 5.5 million inhabitants and there are accents/dialects of Danish that I don’t even understand, being a native speaker. Even with our tiny population, I can count (off the top of my head) AT LEAST 10 major accents/dialects and Copenhagen University’s website says there are about 32 total.


"what are you going to do with a degree in english?" [begins to scream and die a bit inside] [pauses to appreciate that iambic pentameter]

The Bucket residence, the lady of the house speaking.
Sylvia Plath (via incorrectsylviaplathquotes)

Nancy Wake, who has died in London just before her 99th birthday, was a New Zealander brought up in Australia. She became a nurse, a journalist who interviewed Adolf Hitler, a wealthy French socialite, a British agent and a French resistance leader. She led 7,000 guerrilla fighters in battles against the Nazis in the northern Auvergne, just before the D-Day landings in 1944. On one occasion, she strangled an SS sentry with her bare hands. On another, she cycled 500 miles to replace lost codes. In June 1944, she led her fighters in an attack on the Gestapo headquarters at Montlucon in central France.

Ms Wake was furious the TV series [later made about her life] suggested she had had a love affair with one of her fellow fighters. She was too busy killing Nazis for amorous entanglements, she said.

Nancy recalled later in life that her parachute had snagged in a tree. The French resistance fighter who freed her said he wished all trees bore “such beautiful fruit.” Nancy retorted: “Don’t give me that French shit.”

"Resistance heroine who led 7,000 men against the Nazis," The Independent. (via madelinecoleman)

"strangled an SS sentry with her bare hands"

"too busy killing Nazis for amorous entanglements"

"don’t give me that French shit."

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I. love. the. Anaconda. video. but the writeups I’ve been seeing keep referring to Drake as a co-star, which I think misses a big part of the point.

The reason this video rules is because Drake is an extra. Drake is a prop. Drake is a bro in the comfy-casual clothes that he rolled up to the set in, who has no lines or purpose other than the be ground upon, and whose face is obscured by shadows most of the time.

This is not a continuation of the Drake/Nicki/Rih media narrative. This is a dank-as-fuck feminist power play. This is, “Drake is whatever to me.” And this is a man who, if he isn’t at the top of his game, is close to it. A huge celebrity. And here is Nicki looking fucking amazing, tormenting him into a boner, then swatting his hand away and walking out of frame.

Your anaconda don’t want none unless she got buns, hun? Maybe she doesn’t want your anaconda. Maybe she’ll do whatever the fuck she wants with her buns, and it doesn’t matter what you think or feel.

  • One time a porn blog liked a textpost of mine where I just complained about having braces…
    That makes me feel a bit better!